Know how your client's body is changing & achieve better results with them!
Attract new clients
Better client engagement
Improve retention rates
Interested in ShapeScale for Home use? Click here.
Interested in ShapeScale for Home use? Click here.

Transform your Business

From personal trainers to nutritionists, ShapeScale is the go-to solution for enhancing client satisfaction in the health, fitness and wellness industry.

Personal Trainers & Fitness Clubs

Athletic Coaching

Healthcare Professionals

Medical Spas & Aesthetics

Dietitians, Nutritionists

Attract New Clients

ShapeScale's advanced technology and 3D progress visuals make it perfect for showcasing transformations on social media.

Enhanced Client Engagement

Custom reports and engaging visuals offer personalized coaching experience that keeps clients accountable and motivated.

Improve Client Retention

ShapeScale tracks client progress through visuals and measurements for better coaching and results, resulting in higher retention rates.

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Experience the power of ShapeScale's custom client reports. Save time and wow your clients with easy-to-understand data.

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Why ShapeScale

Simple & Convenient

Our set up at your facility and simple use will make measuring body composition  more convenient than ever.


Get 20+ body measurements in under 60 seconds and eliminate the time and effort of manual tape measurements.


Say goodbye to awkwardness with ShapeScale's non-invasive measurement method, unlike tape measures and calipers.


Experience unparalleled accuracy and detail in measuring your client's body and progress, surpassing traditional methods such as BIA scales and progress pictures.

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What our users say...

The 3D scan combined with the measurements will only tell you the truth...

ShapeScale has given me the hard cold evidence. The 3D scan combined with the measurements will only tell you the truth, you can't hide from this. Getting a ShapeScan every few weeks has also been great in reinforcing that what I'm doing has been working and I'm progressing in the right direction.
Ironman Coach, Startup CEO Coach & Recruiter

It's like a visual memory of
your body...

Firstly, the percentage changes of localized metrics. They are great indicators of your progress. Then the ShapeScale 3D scan and following how your body has changed through them is like a “visual memory of your body”, which is a very valuable way to track progress in my opinion.

Maddalena Adorno

Co-Founder & CEO, Dorian Therapeutics

Having two scans taken at different times side-by-side is a very novel and fun feature...

I also just loved looking at the 3D scan of myself and seeing my body from every angle. Having two of your scans taken at different times side-by-side is a very novel and fun feature that motivated me to keep going.
Operational Technology Engineer, Brembo S. p. A.

Seeing all this progress both visually and the hard numbers is
very motivating...

You know they say "you make what you measure", which is the whole point of ShapeScale. Seeing all this progress both visually and the hard numbers is very motivating. It definitely helped to keep me going and work towards my goals.

Ed Kearney

Co-Founder & CEO, Boundary Layer Technologies

Why ShapeScale for Business?

Easy Set Up & Onboarding
You will receive hands on onboarding instructions so you can utilize ShapeScale to its full potential.
Priority Support
The ShapeScale Business plan includes priority account management and customer support.
Hassle Free Repairs
Business users enjoy no-questions-asked repair and replacement coverage for peace of mind.
ShapeScale Coach App
The ShapeScale Coach app includes 100+ users, easy client management and custom reports.



How many users do I have on a plan?

Unlike our consumer app, the ShapeScale Coach app includes at least 100 active users.

When will I receive my ShapeScale if I order now?

We will begin shipping our early pre-orders in January 2023. Once we fulfilled all orders placed prior to 2022,
we will move on to our new orders.

How does ShapeScale work?

You simply step on your ShapeScale. The RGB+Depth sensor will then rotate all around you to capture your body data. The scan will take no longer than sixty seconds and it syncs automatically with the ShapeScale app.

The Depth sensor projects IR coded light onto your body to capture the depth of close to 15 million points every second. This point cloud is then converted into a very accurate body model. The RGB camera captures dozens of photos that are then sliced and stitched to create a photorealistic texture. The information is sent to our server that will compute your photorealistic 3D avatar. This enables you to track changes in your body down to the slightest detail.

Do I get warranty?

As a ShapeScale Pro user, we offer no questions asked repairs and replacements to make your business's operation as smooth as possible.