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ShapeScale combines advanced 3D scanning with unmatched health & wellness intelligence to empower your members.

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Whether your members aim for holistic wellness, toning or body fat reduction ShapeScale delivers a personalized and interactive experience to suit every ambition. Make it your premium choice to empower and visually guide your members on their personalized wellness paths.

Health & Longevity

4 years

Biological Age

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Muscle Atrophy

3.4 lbs

Lean Mass Gain

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Weight Management


Body Fat Loss

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increased personalization

Wellness Insights

Dive into 20+ detailed body composition metrics with ShapeScale, from localized measurements to body fat percentages and diverse health scores.

Equip your clients with pivotal wellness insights, enabling you to tailor a more individualized strategy for them

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3D Visual Tracking

The interactive and visual nature of ShapeScale can boost member engagement, keeping them more committed to their fitness & wellness journey.

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Increased MOtivation

Easy & Captivating
Progress Checks

Regularly using ShapeScale allows members to visibly track their progress. Seeing tangible improvements boosts motivation, leading to consistent club visits and creating a positive feedback loop in their fitness journey.

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Anybody that has some program with weight loss or muscle gain can benefit from this. When your client can visually see where they're improving within 60 seconds, you know it's gonna be a home run for any business...
Elon Rosenthal
Owner, Hydro Body Sculpt
Concord, CA
ShapeScale is definitely a value add to everyone who comes through and we want to continue to add features like this for our members.
Joshua Keihl
Community Manager, The Yard
San Francisco, CA
As the clients see the change and how they're doing, it gets them more excited to make more change.
Randy Green
Owner, Ultimate Fitness
Mill Valley, CA
How ShapeScale Helps Your BotTomline

Meet your new Business Partner

ShapeScale drives your business's growth and member retention. Integrate our solution to attract new clients, unlock revenue streams, and provide a unique client experience that will set you apart.


client growth

Attract and close new clients

Boost your Clientele

Integrating ShapeScale's futuristic technology into your offerings can position your business as a pioneer in the industry, attracting clients who seek cutting-edge health & wellness solutions.

Unlock new BUSINESS

Amplify your Growth

Motivated by visible progress, members will visit more frequently. This can also lead to increased secondary revenue, like personal training or class bookings.

Additionally, you can introduce premium memberships or packages that include regular ShapeScale assessments.


monthly growth


client retention

Drive Satisfaction & Retention

Empower Clients

ShapeScale's interactive technology will engage your members more deeply. This heightened engagement promotes better member adherence, longer retention, and ultimately a more robust membership base for your club.


Harnessing the Power of Data

ShapeScale, through the lens of cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning, reconstructs the human body in accurate 3D. Rooted in the latest research, our technology provides wellness and healthcare professionals with a unique insights unique insights into human physiology and fitness.


peer-reviewed publications factored into ShapeScale's development.


unique data points incorporated into our machine learning algorithms.


individuals analyzed for their body composition, health indicators, and physical fitness performance metrics.


Take your first scan in 3 clicks. Automatic facial recognition for follow-up scans. Access all your client scans in one location. It’s that simple.


Seamlessly fit scans in your busy schedules - ShapeScale only takes 1 minute to scan and results are processed in under 10 minutes.
Weighing less than 14kg and only requiring a 5 feet-diameter to operate, you can set up your ShapeScale anywhere at any time.

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See how our clients unlocked new levels of efficiency, enjoyed significant cost savings, and gained unparalleled control with ShapeScale. Dive into their stories and get inspired for your own business transformation!

Ultimate Fitness
“It sets us apart and continues to engage clients. New clients  get baseline measurements automatically. Existing clients keep seeing progress.”
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Hydro Body Sculpt
“It's helped engagement and retention - clients come more often. ShapeScale provides measurements they can't get elsewhere, which is key for showing results in this industry."
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Remove the guesswork and take full control of your clients’ fitness journey with ShapeScale’s 20+ body composition measurements.