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A Game-Changer For Med Spas: Hydro Body Sculpt & ShapeScale

ShapeScale's Role in Hydro Body Sculpt's Growth

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ShapeScale's Role in Ultimate Fitness's Success

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Hydro Body Sculpt's Transformation with ShapeScale

Elon Rosenthal's Hydro Body Sculpt in Concord, CA, has upgraded its wellness services with ShapeScale. Seeking more accurate and reliable body measurements than traditional methods or Fit3D could provide, Elon found a dependable solution in ShapeScale. Its precise measurements have improved the client experience, complementing Hydro Body Sculpt's array of services like Red Light Therapy and EMslim, and subtly enhancing the spa's operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Medical Spa
The need for shapescale

Hydro Body Sculpt Before ShapeScale

Elon was frustrated with the inaccuracies of traditional body measurements using tape and calipers, and even his experience with Fit3D proved unsatisfactory. His search for a solution that could provide exact measurements led him to discover ShapeScale, which offered the level of detail and consistency that he needed. ShapeScale's precise measurements were a game-changer for him, resolving the challenges he faced with previous methods.

Traditional measurements and calipers were not accurate enough
Fit3D lacked the precision and was too bulky
ShapeScale provided consistent, precise measurements
ShapeScale's Standout Features

Discovering ShapeScale

Elon was drawn to ShapeScale for its compactness and ease of use, appreciating the quick setup and accessible customer support. The device's capability to perform rapid scans was particularly appealing. This efficiency, coupled with the convenience for clients to immediately access their data on their phones, was a significant upgrade from previous methods.

ShapeScale's compact design and ease of setup was appealing
The device provides precise measurements in just 60 seconds
Clients can view their results instantly on their smartphones

Features Used by Hydro Body Sculpt

Elon's top picks for his clients are ShapeScale's photorealistic 3D scans,side-by-side comparison view and color-coded heatmaps.

Photorealistic 3D Scan

ShapeScale’s photorealistic 3D scan makes fitness tracking highly visual and personalized. This provides clients with an extra boost of motivation.
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Side-by-Side Comparison

ShapeScale’s side-by-side comparison allows clients to see even the smallest body progress. Paired with the numerical changes, your clients will know if they are on the right track.
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3D Heatmap

ShapeScale’s heatmap is an easily glanceable view of the gains and losses in certain areas of your body. Seeing the right colors on this color coded body map is the best encouragement.
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boosting client motivation

ShapeScale’s impact on clients

ShapeScale has a significant emotional impact on Elon's weight loss clients by offering a vivid 3D visualization of their bodies. This often jolts them into action, as seeing the stark reality of their physical form can be a powerful motivator. As they track their precise measurements over time, the data becomes a source of encouragement, pushing them to continue their efforts.

3D visualization on ShapeScale motivates client lifestyle changes
ShapeScale’s precise progress tracking boosts client perseverance
ShapeScale’s before-and-after visuals stimulate client engagement

ShapeScale’s impact on the business

ShapeScale has significantly boosted Elon’s business by attracting and retaining clients through strategic promotions. These initial engagements lead to increased awareness and uptake of other services offered. The device's portability amplifies its marketing value, allowing Elon to conduct on-site scans at gyms or events, attracting crowds and potential clients. ShapeScale's innovative appeal has become a pivotal tool in expanding his business's clientele and visibility.

ShapeScale's promotions attract new clients and cross-sell services
ShapeScale's mobility allows for easy client outreach at various venues
IT doubles as a client magnet and marketing for business expansion
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We run ads to bring in clients with discounted or free scans, which opens them to our other services. People line up to use the ShapeScale again.

Elon Rosenthal
Owner, Hydro Body Sculpt

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“It's helped engagement and retention - clients come more often. ShapeScale provides measurements they can't get elsewhere, which is key for showing results in this industry."
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