Revolutionizing Personal Training:
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ShapeScale's Role in Ultimate Fitness's Success

How Ultimate Fitness
uses ShapeScale for Personal Training

ShapeScale's Role in Ultimate Fitness's Success

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How Randy started using ShapeScale

Randy at Ultimate Fitness integrated ShapeScale into his gym to track clients' fitness progress with detailed 3D imaging and accurate body composition data. ShapeScale has proven motivational for members, particularly after seeing tangible results like fat loss.

The use of ShapeScale underscores Randy's commitment to innovation and provides a competitive edge to his business, with continuous support from the ShapeScale team enhancing the gym's service offering.

The need for shapescale

Ultimate Fitness Before ShapeScale

Ultimate Fitness offers a 30-minute slow-motion workout for the busy and injury-cautious, with a focus on mothers and seniors. They had used a few methods to track body composition before ShapeScale. However Randy highlights that ShapeScale’s precise body measurements are more reliable than those manual methods used in the past.

30-minute workouts geared for efficiency and safety
Focus on functional fitness for the elderly
ShapeScale needed for precise body measuring
ShapeScale's Standout Features

Discovering ShapeScale

Randy tested ShapeScale as a beta tester and was impressed with its detailed body composition tracking, including body fat percentage and a 3D heatmap of gains and losses. What impressed him most was its accurate and motivational full-body 3D imaging.

Randy valued ShapeScale's precise body tracking
Key features for him: body fat percentage and 3D progress heatmaps
Randy also thinks ShapeScale’s 3D body image is motivational

Features Used by Ultimate Fitness

Randy's top picks for his clients are ShapeScale's photorealistic 3D scans,
side-by-side comparison view and color-coded heatmaps.

Photorealistic 3D Scan

ShapeScale’s photorealistic 3D scan makes fitness tracking highly visual and personalized. This provides clients with an extra boost of motivation.
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Side-by-Side Comparison

ShapeScale’s side-by-side comparison allows clients to see even the smallest body progress. Paired with the numerical changes, your clients will know if they are on the right track.
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3D Heatmap

ShapeScale’s heatmap is an easily glanceable view of the gains and losses in certain areas of your body. Seeing the right colors on this color coded body map is the best encouragement.
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optimizing clients engagement

ShapeScale’s impact on clients

New gym members begin with a ShapeScale scan and get regular scans providing strong motivation. Others opt for quarterly scans to track body composition changes, which can enhance competitiveness and ambition. One client in their forties was inspired by seeing muscle gains and fat loss through ShapeScale's detailed visuals.

Initial ShapeScale scans and regular check-ins motivate clients
Periodic assessments drive their competitiveness
Visually seeing body composition improvements inspire members

ShapeScale’s impact on the business

Integrating ShapeScale into the heart of Ultimate Fitness shows their commitment to innovation, giving their clients access to unique, cutting-edge fitness tracking not available elsewhere. Randy points out that it reflects their dedication to client progress. His partnership with the ShapeScale team features prompt support and active communication, making for a successful collaboration.

Ultimate Fitness champions innovation with cutting edge technology
ShapeScale's presence signifies a deep commitment to client progress
The partnership with ShapeScale has proven to be successful
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ShapeScale sets us apart and continues engaging clients.

Manual measurements are less efficient, consistent, accurate and more intrusive. ShapeScale is easier, more comfortable for clients, and eliminates human error.

Randy Green
Owner, Ultimate Fitness

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